We all check Youtube. A lot. Perhaps more than we should. I know for myself that I spend 1-2 hours a day watching videos which mostly have to do with fitness or cooking. I like to think that I am educating myself, which I am to a certain degree (when not re-watching clips from Game of Thrones, Glengarry Glen Ross, Swingers or cartoons I like). The point is that Youtube has become a big part of our lives when it comes to searching for information or entertainment.

Naturally I have browsed through a number of channels looking for tips on how to perform an exercise or what makes for a good diet. Over time I stuck with some and left others. The ones I am following are those who I think make sense.

I like people who present simple ideas in a down-to-earth way. People who value putting time and effort into something and being patient. I have started a journey in strength, health and building an enjoyable lifestyle so I gravitate towards those people who preach the same. Though I think there is nothing wrong with choosing other ways to achieve your goals, I personally can’t relate to, for instance, the bodybuilding way of thinking. In the end we all choose to listen to those around us that we believe give solid sensible advice.

So with no further ado, here’s my list of channels that I frequently watch.


This is the only channel in my list that is not focused on bodyweight training. I first discovered it about 10 months ago and what caught my attention was the emphasis on getting lean without giving up life.

The creator, Greg O’ Gallagher, is prompting people to focus on getting stronger on basic moves, the “key lifts” as he calls them, while implementing Intermittent Fasting as their diet protocol.

What I like about this channel is the simplicity of the approach on building a physique: Get stronger and eat at a slight deficit/surplus, depending on what your goals are. It doesn’t overcomplicate things with strange meal plans or workouts. It also has some high production value videos which get the message across and are entertaining or even inspiring to watch at the same time. Worth a look.

GMB Fitness

I recently started spending more time on listening to this channel’s podcasts, interviews and watching their tutorials. The focus is on functional strength and health. They have a lot of content on mobility and flexibility. And they use bodyweight training.

Apart from a number of useful tips on how to achieve certain moves and become more flexible, an aspect of fitness often neglected, a big bonus is the GMB Show. It hosts interviews with people from the Calisthenics community and generally the fitness world. Strong people talking about how they got there? Inspiring.

Fitness on the side, I like that this channel takes a philosophical approach on things. Mindset and mentality is often covered in interviews, a part of their content that I very much appreciate.

Al Kavadlo

Arguably the most recognizable figure in the Calisthenics community, trainer, author and PCC instructor Al Kavadlo has his own channel with video tutorials on progressive Calisthenics as well as on giving answers to questions that trainees have.

Al Kavadlo is the author of a number of books on bodyweight training, two of which I have in my possession. He also appears in part of the Convict Conditioning series of books. His earliest videos date back 6 years and that’s important because it shows commitment. It also shows how one of the leading experts in Calisthenics progressed those past years.

His simple approach on things, his persistence on taking your time and not rushing through as well as his knowledge sharing make this channel definitely worth to check out. On the bonus side, he often posts videos with his brother Danny who is also a Calisthenics master and another interesting person to listen to.

Red Delta Project

I saved my favorite for last. The Red Delta Project is a channel created by bodyweight training expert and trainer Matt Schifferle. He is also a member of the Progressive Calisthenics Certification team and he has recently published his first book, Fitness Independence which is on my “to read” list.

The title of the book speaks volumes about what the channel is all about. It’s about quitting all the unnecessary and focusing on the few things that matter. That includes both training and diet. Matt has been posting frequently for the past 5 years with content varying from mindset building to exercise performing.

One thing that I find particularly interesting and useful are the many subtle tips that Matt gives regarding exercises. Tips on improving your mind-to-muscle connection and taking the most out of each movement. And what I greatly enjoy is that his videos are short, concise and to the point.

I would like to make some honorable mentions at this point, channels that I sometimes watch or have followed in the past but not follow that closely now. Those would be Radu Antoniu, Homemade Muscles, Brandon Carter and Buff Dudes.

If you’re into Calisthenics, or generally training for that matter, then you are surely spending time on Youtube. The more serious the source of information the better this time will be spent and the more effective your workouts will be. Except for the practical advice though, getting inspired and not feeling like you are alone in this journey is equally as important.

Now enough with watching others do it. Time to do it myself.


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