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Training like a convict, eating like a king

That is the regimen I’m following.

Training 3 times a week with a focus on building strength with progressive Calisthenics. Why like a convict? Because I was sold on the idea of “Convict Conditioning”. The minimalistic, uncomplicated premise of using just your own body and your surrounding environment to exercise is too good not to give a shot. And now, about a month and a half later I can say for sure that I can see progress.

What does eating like a king mean? It means following a diet model that is not based on restriction. No food is off limits as long as it falls within my designated caloric intake for the goals I have on a certain period. And yes, that includes sugar, bread and alcohol.

Why do this?

Because I am here for the long run. Getting as strong as I can and achieving the best physique I can achieve is not something I want to do for when I’m taking my shirt off at the beach. It’s a great bonus that I want to have, don’t get me wrong. But not my purpose. My purpose is a strong, functional and healthy body that can support an active lifestyle when I’ll be pushing forty and beyond.

And in order to stay here for that long, the lifestyle and choices made must be sustainable and, above all, enjoyable. I love broccoli, especially steamed, but eating just that is not something I want to do for all my life. And I love training, but going to the gym as if it’s the only thing I care for in life would make me hate it.

I’d rather be looking forward to my next training and not waiting for a Sunday to have my “cheat meal”. I’d rather adjust fitness to fit the lifestyle I want to have, not adapt my life to fitness. Can it work?

That’s the question I aim to answer. Through sharing my personal experience, findings, thoughts and struggles in this journey. Basic ingredients are gastronomy and calisthenics, with a dazzle of other life to spice it up.

Now, what’s for dinner?


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